2nd Grade School News

Dear parents,
During our long term school closure, please refer to the following folder where you will find the daily assignments in both languages.
We wish you and your family a safe and healthy time at home.
ICSAtlanta 2nd Grade Team
Market Day POSTPONED: Students may continue to work on their items to be sold, but students are not to work on posters at home. They will be given time to complete them upon return to school. 
2nd Graders will participate in Market Day April 1st. This is a student-only event. Please click HERE for more details and the form to submit to your homeroom teacher. In order to avoid unnecessary germ exposure and/or allergic reactions, we are asking that students do not choose a good or service that will involve touching anyone else’s face or hands. Please reach out to your homeroom teacher with questions.
Parents: Please click HERE to learn more about the STAMP4se Test that 2nd grade students will take this year.


It’s that time of year again — YEARBOOK TIME!
Deadline for purchase March 27th
To order your yearbook, click here:
(Or visit schoolannual.com:
Click on “Buy your student’s yearbook.”
Enter school name, city and state.
Place your order!)
To buy a graduation ad for K, 5th ad 8th, visit the School Store:
https://www.icsatlanta.org/store  Art Needs Your Help!
Please send in donations of kid-friendly magazines that can be cut and used for an art project. Thank you! 🙂